New Year Goals | 2021

It’s that time of year again where we all begin putting down our goals for the year, and I really want to write these goals into fruition.

I’ve never been one to make a resolution list, or any sort of goal list. Sure, I have timelines in my head, but I’ve never been one to really focus in on those because things come up, and my plans change. My mood changes. It really depends on my headspace for the year, and I want to start on a good note. Like a really good note.

When making a list of goals, I tend to focus on fewer items. This is a sure way to not overwhelm myself, and have myself spiraling into a hole of depression and lack of motivation. The four goals I chose are ones that I know I will have as a priority next year, and I hope I accomplish every single one of them.

So these are my goals for the new year:


Read more books

I only read eight books in 2020. EIGHT. My goal is to read 36 books because I want to keep up with this blog, and read as much as I can.


Finish my book

I’ve been working on my book, We Wretched Things since 2013. It’s time to finish this.


Start Querying We Wretched Things

This seems obvious coinciding with the second goal, but I want to work towards my main goal of being a published author. Hopefully one day!


Grow this blog

I didn’t start this blog just to motivate myself, but also other people. I want this to almost be the hub of where my bookish thoughts are. And I want to have posts going up all the time.

What goals are you planning on pursuing in the new year?

~Amanda xx

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