2021 Releases and How to Find Them

Hi all! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday (if you celebrated any). It was definitely a strange time of year as we didn’t really do much in my own household (and not everyone could join us due to my household having had medical procedures the week of Christmas). I’ve been taking the past few days off to relax, play Sims, and enjoy some time with my family. It’s been nice to just sit back and relax.

Today I am bringing you a resource I found by complete happenstance on Twitter. There is a tumblr account out there created by Rec It Rachel and VickyCBooks that is dedicated to helping people find books in the Young Adult universe. It’s essentially a masterlist of books that are coming out, and if this isn’t going to break my bank account, I don’t know what will.

The cool thing about this tumblr page is that you’re able to sort through and find books by genre, publisher, author, and so much more. I am amazed at how detailed this tumblr website is, and I can tell just how much effort has gone into it. I can see myself discovering so many books this way, and I cannot wait.

When I was playing around with this website to look for books, I went by genre, and it even went as far as to add some niche categories such as Dystopian being its own. I love that! This website has gone into such detail, even going as far as linking goodreads pages as well as purchasing options. I will be bookmarking this page and using it from here on out.

Find the 2020 version here.

~Amanda xx

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